Berlin crypto investor Greenfield One launches second block

Berlin crypto investor Greenfield One launches second block chain fund

Greenfield One, a VC investor specialising in block-chain and de-fi start-ups, is planning a second fund with a target volume of EUR 50 million.

The Berlin venture capital investor Greenfield One is planning a second fund for block-chain and DeFi start-ups with a target volume of 50 million euros, Finance Forward said in a blog post on 9 December.

Bertelsmann on board

The investment company, which was launched in 2018, has already been able to win the venture capital arm of the Gütersloh media group Bertelsmann and the multi-family office from Hamburg Lennertz & Co. for its second fund in a first closing.

Lennertz & Co. already participated in the first fund of the Berlin-based company. As Greenfield partner Sebastian Blum pointed out to Finance Forward, „the interest of institutional Bitcoin Up investors has increased massively“. „When it came to crypto, many were extremely shy, but in recent months they are now coming out of the woodwork,“ the co-founder continues.

Blum is very optimistic for the future and expects further increasing interest from financial backers. They would understand „that the impact of blockchain technology will be even stronger than it was in the first and second Internet generation“.

Greenfield One’s current portfolio includes NEAR Protocol, Celo, Spacemesh, Vega, Multis, Arweave, Dapper Labs and 1inch with individual investments between 500,000 and 1.5 million US dollars. Nine of the ten investments were made by Greenfield One through token purchases and the acquisition of token rights in the form of „Simple Agreements for Future Tokens“ (SAFT).

Interest from institutional investors is increasing

Institutional investors have been showing increasing interest in the crypto sector for months. According to a study published in April, major investors are showing growing interest in trading crypto-derivatives in addition to risk investments such as those offered by Greenfield One.

Billionaire Mark Cuban atomizes Bitcoin: „More a religion than a solution“

Resistant to the Bitcoin Revolution – We are starting to get used to declarations of love for Bitcoin (BTC) from billionaires and big fund managers. However, some still continue to cling to their disgust for the king of cryptos: Mark Cuban is one of them and does not hold back for a second from saying it.

Bitcoin, too perfect to find favor in the eyes of Mark Cuban?

Although Mark Cuban was forced to pay the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) $ 6.1 million in fines for his late crypto-project Unikrn, this doesn’t seem to have taught him to be humble towards protocols that manage to survive, like Bitcoin.

In an interview with Forbes newspaper , the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks explains that his negative beliefs about Bitcoin Bank have still not changed :

“ [Bitcoin] is a store of value like gold, but which is more of a religion than a solution to a problem (…) That said, unlike gold, due to the limited number of BTC that will be available and the HODLing philosophy, when demand exceeds supply, the price will increase (…) ”

Mark Cuban, almost visionary

The „negatives“ that will leave more wary of an observer. Granting safe haven status to Bitcoin, and saying that its value is bound to increase thanks to its limited quantity (to 21 million units and not one more): are these really things to blame?

Is accumulating BTC not a protection against crises?

Mark Cuban continues his strange analysis, but it is clear that even by following it to the end, we cannot understand the exact reproach which is made to Bitcoin:

“No matter how much BTC fans want to pretend it’s disaster scenario protection, it isn’t. Countries will take steps to protect their currencies and their ability to tax, so the more people believe it is something other than a store of value, the more they run the risk of government intervention ”

In short, Bitcoin would be so much better than fiat currencies, that governments should trample on the principle of free competition of currencies, and impose their trust currency, in which we have less and less confidence ?

Ethereum 2.0 – 1 million ETH now in staking

Over a million Ethers (ETH), worth $ 605 million, have already been put into play as part of the Ethereum 2.0 deposit agreement

1 million of ETH and strike

The long-awaited upgrade to Ethereum 2.0 gained momentum as expected Tuesday 1 st December at 13 am. The launch concludes the opening act, or “phase 0” of Ethereum 2.0. The stake of Ether (ETH) is part of the phased evolution of the Ethereum blockchain towards a proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol, moving away from its current proof-of-stake design. of-Work (PoW).

And even after the successful launch, the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract continues to attract funds. The contract has now racked up more than 1 million ETH worth over $ 605 million . We can see the evolution over time of deposits:

Risks associated with staking

The rewards for early depositors are relatively high, around 15% per year . However, the rewards will decrease as more validators join the network.

Participants will not be able to withdraw their Bitcoin Circuit until the current Ethereum mainnet has „merged“ with this new blockchain, a process that could take several years . It is also important to keep in mind that validators may be penalized if their node’s operation is interrupted .

Some exchanges such as Coinbase are already preparing the possibility of hosting Eth2 staking on their platform. But this alternative will not be without risk as well. In November, an Amazon Web Services outage affected thousands of websites, including that of the US exchange. Such an event would also have harmed Ethereum 2.0 node operators.

So even when choosing an external provider, it is important to understand the risks associated with such an activity.

Bitcoin hits Wall Street: S&P Dow Jones releases 2021 crypto indexes

Traditional finance wants to release the next crypto indexes, which include 550 coins.

The S&P Dow Jones Indices are a joint venture between S&P Global, the CME Group and News Corp. The Group plans to launch cryptographic currency indices for the first time in 2021, it has confirmed.

In a Thursday press release, S&P DJI described Bitcoin (BTC) and Altcoins as an „emerging asset class“.

Bitcoin and Altcoin come to Wall Street
The company will merge with Lukka, a US block chain data provider, to launch the indices. These will include 550 crypto-currencies.

„As digital assets such as crypto currencies are a rapidly evolving asset class, it is time to bring out independent, reliable and user-friendly benchmarks,“ said Peter Roffman, global head of innovation and strategy at S&P DJI, in the press release.

„We look forward to working with Lukka. The company is a leading data provider for digital assets and will help us promote transparency in this emerging sector“.
This is Wall Street’s reaffirmation of its support for Bitcoin and other digital currencies and underlines the interest in the institutional sector.

„Our collaboration with S&P DJI is another milestone that bridges the gap between the crypto asset ecosystem and traditional finance,“ said Robert Materazzi, CEO of Lukka.

„In a rapidly maturing industry, it is extremely important to work to institutional standards when working with highly respected names such as S&P DJI. Lukka is very pleased to be working with S&P DJI to help promote innovation“.
The press release did not specifically state which crypto-currencies the index covers. The methodology behind the selection is also not known if it is not based on market capitalisation.

Bitcoin has recently reached new all-time highs on various stock exchanges and has come very close to resistance at $20,000.